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  Based in Virginia. Serving men and women affordable used work clothing.



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Welcome to the


We've been selling affordable used work clothing for over a decade. Being a small family business is how we're able to keep prices so low.

Our clothing are from rental companies. We promise that our clothing are in good- used condition. Some pieces may even brand new. We don't separate the "A" quality from the "B" quality. We ship whatever is on hand when an order is placed.  We offer used work pants, shirts, jackets, coverall, lab coats, jeans, and more.

Delivery Times?

We're not selling pizza's. Orders can take up 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. This delay is due to certain items not being available at the time you placed your order. Usually, it only takes about  7 to 10 days.

 Merchandise comes in to our warehouse about 2 to 3 times per week. All clothes are inspected, cleansed, sorted, and made ready for shipping.

If you need something really fast,  contact us prior to placing your order. Shipping times always changes.

Customer service??

It's best to contact us in the evening via telephone, 3pm - 6pm. It's always all-hands on deck during the morning hours. Send us an email if all fails to It'll be answered within 24 hours.


Always Remember!! is in the Salvage business. We only recommend our used work clothing to men and women who need clothes to get dirty.


Stop Ruining Your Clothes. Work in ours!

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